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San Antonio Water Softener Repair

san antonio water softener repair

H20 Pros services Kenmore, GE, Ecowater, Whirlpool and Clack water softeners. H2O Pros offers same day or next day repair for most water softener repair situations.

How do I know my water softener needs repair?

Unfortunately, there isn’t an “easy button” to diagnose if your water softener needs repair. If you notice changes in your water softener’s performance, here are a few things you can troubleshoot before you call for water softener repair:

You will probably notice one or more of the following signs that your water softener needs repair:

  • Your drinking glasses have water spots on them after they’re washed and dried
  • Soap doesn’t lather well and doesn’t rinse completely
  • Your hair doesn’t rinse completely and has a dull appearance instead of shiny
  • You need to add salt to your water softener more frequently

Start with the following steps:

1. Check the brine tank (where you add the salt)

Is there salt built up? If you notice a salt build up, use a mild soap and water to wash the salt away and rinse it completely.

2. Check the connection between the mineral tank and resin tank

Sometimes salt can get lodged in the plug of the connection between the mineral tank and resin tank. Clean it with mild soap and water.

3. If your water is hard and the level of salt is not dropping:

A salt bridge will sometimes form inside the brine tank. The bridge creates a space between salt and water which can be caused by humidity or the wrong kind of salt for your water softener. Use a broom handle to push the salt down being careful not to put a hole in the tank.

4. Check the valve drain hose to ensure it is not plugged, kinked, or blocked in some way.

5. Have intermittent hard water?

Make sure your timer is set up correctly. If you have a regeneration schedule set up correctly, make sure it’s for the amount of water you are using. If you have had water consumption changes recently, this could be the problem. Check the regeneration chart in your water softener manual and adjust it as needed. Also check for water leaks and dripping faucets, toilets and tubs. A small leak will waste a lot of water that can cause water softening issues.

6. Build up of iron from bead bed 

Over the years, iron can build up and leave deposits that can cause water softener problems. The bead bed can be cleaned with an iron-removing product.

Over time, iron can build up and leave deposits that will prevent a water softener from operating the way it should. Clean the bead bed with any iron-removing product.

7. If your water is hard, the salt storage tank has water while the unit is in soft water cycle and water runs into the drain.

This is usually caused by no brine draw. This requires taking apart and cleaning the venturi and nozzle with a tooth brush and mild soap and water. Rinsing it completely and if you notice an iron build-up, use a resin bead cleaner to remove the iron build-up.

If you can’t figure it out or just don’t want to mess with it, H2O Pros is your go-to company for San Antonio water softener repair. Call today.



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  • We install water filtering systems including salt-free and reverse osmosis.