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San Antonio New Water Softeners – H2O Pros

San Antonio New Water Softener

If you’ve lived long in San Antonio, you’ll notice we have really hard water. If you don’t have a water softener installed in your home or business, you will need one. Trust us. You will notice and feel the difference immediately.

H2O Pros offers Clack water softeners, as well as other brands upon request. Our water softeners condition your water so life will be easier all around your house.

With an H2O Pros water softener you will notice a dramatic difference everywhere you use water:

san antonio new water softener product install

  • No soap scum in tubs, showers and on shower doors
  • Little or no scale buildup on sinks and faucets
  • Your clothes are cleaner and brighter
  • You’ll feel the soft touch of clothes, linens and towels
  • Your skin will be smoother and your hair is silky smooth
  • Your appliances will last longer and work more efficiently
  • Virtually eliminate rust and dirty water stains
  • Your plumbing pipes will be cleaner and free of scale buildup
  • You’ll save money because your entire home will use less detergent and soap

San Antonio Hard Water Facts

Hard H2O is found in more than 85% of the United States. “Hardness” is the most common water quality problem reported by U.S. consumers.

Softeners can lower household costs by reducing soap and cleaning supplies, energy consumption, and clothes detergent use. Additionally a softener will extend the life of appliances and plumbing.

–¬†Household Water Quality Study



  • Same day or next day service
  • We provide our customers with the best product to fit the needs of your family or business.
  • We specialize in San Antonio water softeners and serve the Boerne and New Braunfels areas.
  • Our products are backed by a full 5-year warranty on parts, resin tanks and salt bins and a 3-year warranty on labor.
  • We install water filtering systems including salt-free and reverse osmosis.